GECO - Ammunition for Match Winners

GECO, the official ammunition supplier to many past major IPSC events, including both European and World Championships, is involved in the world of dynamic sport shooting far beyond simply supplying specialized ammunition. The company provides generous support to four IPSC top marksmen from three countries and lends its name to the prestigious IPSC Level III Competition, "GECO Masters," in Germany. The extent of GECO’s commitment to actual practice and practical skill is demonstrated in the simple fact that Csaba Szászi is not only an IPSC top shooter, he is also in charge of RUAG Ammotec’s shooting range in Hungary. Csaba began working for MFS, the Hungarian ammunition manufacturer, in 1995, and stayed on after the facility was acquired by RUAG Ammotec. As an active participant at numerous matches, he is in a position to professionally analyze which kinds of ammunition perform most reliably while offering the highest degrees of precision.

György Batki, Hungary - GECO-IPSC-Team Shooter

Born on February 7, 1974, Batki, a police officer, works as a tactics and Shooting trainer at the Heves County Police Headquarters. While serving as a member of a special police unit, the ambitious combat shooter began sport shooting in 1995 and from 2001 on dedicated himself to dynamic IPSC sport shooting. In Addition to several wins at international tournaments in the Standard Division, his other achievements include a 3rd place finish at the 2010 IPSC European Cham­pionship along with 5th place at the World Championship in 2011. The superlatively trained athlete uses an STI 2011 Edge as his competition weapon, GECO .40 Smith & Wesson ammunition and a Double Alpha Race Master holster.

Csaba Szászi, Hungary - GECO IPSC-Team Shooter

Born on February 4, 1968 in Eger, Szászi smelled power fumes quite early in life, since his father was a high ranking solider in a military armory. He began sport shooting as a teen, first with air pistols and small-caliber rifles, and then, while serv­ing in the military, took part in sport shooting competitions with service pistols and machine carbines. He became actively involved in IPSC matches in 2007, taking second place at the Hungarian championships, additional podium positions at major central European events as well as fifth place at the European Championship and seventh place at the World Championship as a member of the Hungarian national team. An ammunition expert, Szászi uses an STI 2011 Edge as his match weapon, GECO .40 Smith & Wesson ammunition and an Amadini Ghost holster rig.

Sascha Back, Germany - GECO IPSC-Team Shooter

A business consultant born on June 13, 1972 in Eberbach am Neckar, Back is recognized around the country and beyond for his skills with the revolver. He began shooting with an air rifle in 1986 and has since become the 10-time German Cham­pion in the IPSC Revolver Division as well as European Cham­pion and European Vice-Champion in 2010 and 2013. To date he has won fourth place at two World Championships, is multiple winner of the “European Steel Challenge” and is a top-ranked IPSC rifleman. His primary IPSC match weapon is a Smith & Wesson revolver Modell 929 in 9 mm Luger with an eight-chamber cylinder. He also uses a S&W 586 and S&W 627 revolver, all reworked by the German tuning specialist Karl Hamann from Wolfsburg. He uses GECO ammunition as well as a Rescomp Handgun Technologies (RHT) CR Speed holster rig. Like all GECO Team shooters, he hopes to garner a top slot at the upcoming 2016 IPSC European Champion­ship in Hungary and the IPSC World Championship in 2017 in France.

Patrick Kummer, Germany – GECO IPSC Team Shooter

Patrick Kummer, born on June 26, 1985 in Nuremberg, joined a gun club at the age of 13 and started IPSC shooting in 1999. By 2002 he was already a member of the Junior Team, Open division, competing at the World Shoot in South Africa. With the Junior Team, he won the Open division at the European Championships in the Czech Republic in 2004. Noteworthy titles in his successful career also include: winner of the Shoot off EM Portugal Classic (2013) and 1st Team Classic Overall European Championship in Hungary (2016). Patrick Kummer is also a two-time German Champion in Production and Classic overall and a two-time German Champion in Small Caliber Open and Standard overall. He works in sales for ATLAS Taktik and in the area of security, so he has almost turned his hobby into a profession. Patrick also holds regular seminars for IPSC shooters. He uses the STP Perfect Classic as his competition firearm in the Classic division, the STP Wotan in the Open division, the STP Speed Standard for the Standard division, and the Tanfoglio Stock II or Stock III for the Production division. He uses hand-loaded ammunition with GECO components: 154-grain ammo for Classic and Production, 180-grain for Standard, and 124-grain for Open, as well as Double Alpha und Alpha X holster equipment with magazine pouches and a belt, also by Double Alpha.