GECO STAR – The Dynamic Lead-Free Deformation Bullet GECO STAR .308 Win. GECO STAR .30-06 GECO STAR .300 Win. Mag. GECO STAR

GECO STAR – The Dynamic Lead-Free Deformation Bullet


GECO STAR is the name of the newest development from GECO. The GECO STAR joins the lead-free product family of centerfire hunting bullets as a lead-free deformation bullet, offering a genuine alternative to hunting bullets that contain lead. 

The GECO STAR lead-free deformation bullet is characterized by a maximum depth effect and a high residual weight. Thanks to the hollow point, the bullet reliably deforms at nearly any hunting distance. Its high inherent precision is mainly due to the performance grooves and the state-of-the-art production with minimum tolerances.  The GECO STAR is the optimum bullet for all hunters who hunt with lead-free bullets and want to minimize damage to the game. The GECO STAR is particularly well-suited to hunting small to medium-sized game and is available now. 

The lead-free line of GECO has grown even larger with the GECO STAR, which offers even more flexibility in application. Depending on the area of application, either the lead-free GECO ZERO part fragmentation bullet or the mass-stable GECO STAR deformation bullet can be used. It is planned to add more calibers in the future. 

Available cartridges: 

2413833 .308 Win. STAR 10,7g / 165gr

2413835 .30-06 STAR 10,7g / 165gr

2413836 .300 Win. Mag. STAR 10,7g / 165gr

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