GECO ACTION EXTREME 9mm BR. COURT Excellent deformation with deep penetration and high residual weight Vo: 390 m/s / 1280 f/s E0: 418 J / 308 ftlbs - test barrel length 150 mm

GECO ACTION EXTREME – Handgun Ammunition with Unparalleled Stopping Power


GECO has announced the expansion of the ACTION EXTREME line. After introducing the GECO 9mm Luger 7 g ACTION EXTREME in 2019, GECO is expanding the line in 2020 with the 9mm Br. Short caliber. The bullet weight is 5.5 g. The new shell also embodies the required features and standards of modern hunting and defensive ammunition, including excellent deformation with deep penetration and high residual weight.  In other words, the ACTION EXTREME 9mm Br. Short is a dependable companion for hunting and self-defense scenarios. 

GECO ACTION EXTREME in 9mm Br. Short is a 9mm projectile that delivers controlled expansion and excellent penetration. The terminal performance results in complete energy transfer and excellent stopping power. The shell can be used in full-size, compact, subcompact, and even ultra subcompact handguns. The new ACTION EXTREME 9mm Br. Short provides the confidence needed for personal protection. 

The most important feature of the GECO 9mm Br. Short ACTION EXTREME: 

  • Consistent: Uniform penetration behavior, around 27 cm across the entire velocity spectrum from 310 to 400 m/s on average. Very uniform expansion of 18 mm. Extremely consistent penetration and expansion in gelatin and clear ballistics blocks.
  • 4 “skives” for great stopping power: Rapid mushrooming with outstanding expansion of the front section thanks to the four “skives.” They guarantee complete energy transfer with well-defined penetration and 100% residual weight.
  • Function first: Reliable feeding into the chamber thanks to the round bullet nose. Improved ballistic performance with low velocity loss due to the bullet’s aerodynamic shape. The enclosed bullet design ensures that material does not plug up the hollow point cavity. This guarantees the retention of the bullet’s expanding properties.
  • All-purpose ammunition for the areas: Home defense – self-defense – hunting
  • Fits all barrel lengths: The new shell always delivers consistent performance – whether it’s shot from a full-size, compact, or subcompact handgun.

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