Ralf Vanicek, GECO Product Manager, with the five European Champion trophies This is what winners look like: Ralf Vanicek took home five European Championship trophies with the GECO HEXAGON.

Ralf Vanicek: European Champion with GECO HEXAGON


The World Association PPC 1500 European Championships were held near Oslo, Norway, from 28 to 31 August 2014. Over 120 shooters from seven nations competed. It was an extremely high-calibre event, with 25 High Masters, the highest classification in the PPC 1500, stepping up to the mark. So the excellent results returned on the shooting range, nestled away in a natural setting, came as no surprise.

Ralf Vanicek (Product Manager GECO), for instance, put in one of the best results of recent years, bringing home the title of ‘European Champion in the Distinguished Pistol discipline’ with our brand-new 9 mm Luger precision cartridges by GECO HEXAGON. His score was 597 and 36 X (inner ten) from a maximum of 600 possible rings, bringing him to within touching distance of the WA1500 record by Thomas Klix – 597 and 41 X – which he has held since 2005.

Ralf Vanicek also came third in the High Master Class in the Pistol1500 discipline, again shooting with GECO HEXAGON. So the new GECO 9 mm HEXAGON repeatedly demonstrated its straight shooting and reliability within the framework of a high-class competitive environment.

Ralf Vanicek secured a total of five European Championship titles and was therefore the top shooter at the event, also winning the Revolver 1500 discipline with a score of 1495 and 93 X rings – his best result of the year. He equalled Thomas Svensson’s WA1500 record of 480 and 41 X rings with the Service Revolver and came in as overall winner of the Distinguished Revolver Match with a score of 589 and 33 X. Joining forces with Roman Hauber, he also emerged victorious over other national teams from the Revolver World Team Match.

We congratulate our colleague on this outstanding result. What pleases us particularly is that one of the collaborators involved in the development of the new GECO HEXAGON was able to personally demonstrate just how much our latest 9 mm precision product is able to deliver. And this shows you once again, buyers and fans of our ammunition, that we, as a team, do everything we can to put our slogan into practice: GECO - all you need.   

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