Award ceremony for the Standard class. Standing in the middle is the winner, György Batki. Table full of awards prior to the ceremony.

5. GECO Masters 2017


The GECO Masters 2017 organization team had to contend with extremely difficult conditions in mid-September. Preparations were delayed by deluge-inducing rains. On the day right before the competition began, water had to be pumped out of the booths at the shooting range in Philippsburg. Everyone was relieved that the competition could begin punctually on Friday and that no further inclement weather interrupted the flow of events. The organization team led by Markus Wolmuth and all helpers have certainly earned our appreciation.

Where the event itself was concerned, this year's GECO Masters were a particular success for the GECO IPSC team.

Sascha Back (Revolver Division) and György Batki (Standard Division) both came in first in their respective disciplines. Patrick Kummer was the runner-up in the Classic Division and Luis Ehrhardt the second runner-up in the Open Division. Csaba Szaszi clinched a commendable 12th place among the highly competitive Standard sharpshooters. We congratulate all of our GECO team shooters for their excellent performance.

The list of results can be viewed at the following link.

By now, the flow of events at the competition had practically become routine for all participants. Each evening, raffles were once again held for the participants and range officers. GECO sponsored prizes worth over €12,000 for these raffles and the award ceremony.

The management of the event by Lars Backes and Ralf Vanicek also received positive feedback this time, and led to lively discussions with the participants and visitors. Praise, criticism and suggestions were expressed, and customer recommendations were submitted.

For the year 2018, the GECO Masters are once again planned for mid-September. The GECO team looks forward to being part of the next IPSC as well.