The new shot Shell for Buck Shot Stages The Dynamic Bird Shot for falling-target Shooting with a charge of 29g. The charge of Dynamic Bird Shot 31 is at 31g. Small-bore cartridges for IPSC shooters: GECO .22lr DYNAM-X

IWA 2016: New Products for IPSC Shooters from GECO


The IWA — the leading trade fair for weapons and ammunition in Europe — will be held in Nuremberg from 4 to 7 March, 2016. Only legitimized professional visitors and suppliers are invited to attend. That is why we are showcasing the new products that will be unveiled there exclusively on our website. Here are the products we will be presenting in 2016:

1. Our new GECO shot shells: GECO Coated Competition Buck Shot and GECO Dynamic Bird Shot
We are expanding our shot shell product range with two new shells: GECO Coated Competition Buck Shot and GECO Dynamic Bird Shot. Both have been specially developed for shotgun shooting and are available in 12/65 gauge.

Let’s take a detailed look at the two shot shells: 
• GECO Coated Competition Buck Shot
This shotgun cartridge is for all IPSC shooters who take part in matches where Buck Shot Stages have to be shot. 
The pellets are nickel-plated, which prevents stray pellets even with high chokes. Thanks to a well-dosed charge, the cartridges are, for one thing, safe in semi-automatic guns and also manifest low recoil.
• GECO Dynamic Bird Shot
The Dynamic Bird Shot is configured for IPSC, BDMP and falling-target shooting, which is why there are two different versions for the different shooting distances.
o Dynamic Bird Shot 29 with a charge of 29 g and shot size of 2.75 mm.
o Dynamic Bird Shot 31 with a pellet weight of 31 g and shot size of 2.9 mm.

2. GECO .22lr DYNAM-X: Lead-free small-bore cartridges for IPSC shooters
We will be presenting the new GECO .22lr DYNAM-X for all IPSC shooters in the small-bore divisions at the IWA 2016. With its non-polluting primer and a special lubricating lacquer coating, this rim fire cartridge yields up to 90% lower lead emissions. Here we kill two birds with one stone: by being both environmentally-friendly and true to our motto “All you need”. With this cartridge design, we ensure that the shooter is also less exposed to pollutants. Through the use of a low-emission SINTOX® primer charge free of heavy metals, the shooter's exposure to lead emissions at courses and in enclosed shooting ranges is dramatically reduced.

The GECO DYNAM-X is available in a bulk pack containing 450 cartridges. 

We will continue to keep you updated.

GECO – All you need.