Professional appearance of the GECO brand at the IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes


The IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes has shown that the GECO brand has established itself in the IPSC sport. The many requests to test the ammunition and the positive response from the shooters confirm the recognition of the brand in this category. As the official match ammunition supplier, GECO was the most used brand in competition and many shooters used it to shoot their way through to success in the rankings. In addition, GECO was in Rhodes among the five area sponsors. Striking were the several meters high red beach flags, which made the GECO-sponsored field noticeable even from a long distance. The participants had the opportunity to test GECO ammunition at the test range where GECO had its own tent and test shooting stand. A nearby sponsor tent, in which GECO was also represented with its own service team, was offering expert advice. As a sponsor, GECO was honoured with a individual medal for its commitment to this competition. The World Shoot, which is held only once every three years was the IPSC event in 2011: 1200 shooters were competing in a total of 30 stages. The fact that GECO had been involved in this competition in many ways and is partner of successful shooters shows that the brand has now firmly established itself in the IPSC sport.