First GECO OPEN 2011: Top shooters, top weather and lots of fun


“The match was being organized by Zoltan Vincze and it is definitely one of the best matches in Europe in my opinion. In the past the event has been called MFS Open, but after MFS has become part of the RUAG Corporation the name of the match needed to be changed” stated Ralf K. Jensen, one of the most established sport shooters from Denmark.  

Ralf K. Jensen was our man on the spot and contributed the following emotional report:  

"The match consisted of 16 stages with a total of 320 rounds and this year almost 200 shooters were registered for the match. People came from as far away as Finland and Israel to compete against each other.
A lot of the top shooters from all across Europe had also come to Debrecen to compete.
As usual the biggest division was the Production Division with top shooters such as Eduardo de Cobos (European Champion Production), Ljubisa Momcilovic, Marian Vysny, Miroslav Zapletal, to mention a few. 
The Open Division also attracted strong shooters, and while Eric Grauffel wasn’t there, the Czech- Team were strongly represented by Martin Kaminiczek, Robin Sebo and Miroslav Havliczek.  
The Standard Division was also very well represented, with 4 of the Top-5 shooters from the European Handgun Championship 2010 in attendance. From the STI Euroteam the European Champion in Standard Division Juan Carlos Jaime Diaz (a.k.a. “JC”), Gregory Midgley and myself (Ralf K. Jensen) participated. And of course the Hungarian top shooter Gyorgy Batki from the new GECO-Team was there as well.  
So how was it?
The match was great and so was the weather: It was warm, approximately 29° C. In Denmark/Sweden where I live, our summer has been horrible: Rain, rain, rain.  
The stages showed a lot of diversity and the shooters were challenged on a multitude of shooting capabilities.  
As usual the stages could typically be shot in different ways, which meant that the shooters had to be creative. The stages frequently tested the shooter by presenting targets at relatively close distances, at medium distances and medium-long distances, which forced the shooters up and down in shooting speed. Some of the stages demanded very technical shooting – especially at two of the stages which were “skill tests” as I call them. One involved 2 mini poppers placed in front of PTs at approximately 27 meters, while the other used mini-targets at 25 meters.  
While there were a lot of bobbers, up/down-movers and gravity turners no stage could be described as being “circus shooting”".

Thank you very much for your report, Ralf K. Jensen, we are looking forward to seeing you at GECO Open next year.  

GECO ammunition has been used in all matches and has proved to be of the highest precision. GECO ammunition is produced in Sirok/Hungary under the management of RUAG Ammotec.


Production Division:

1. Momcilovic, Ljubisa (SER)100,00%1288,2628
2. Eduardo, de Cobos (ESP)98,08%1263,4913
3. Zapletal, Miroslav (CZE)95,01%1224,0028

Open Division:

1. Kamenicek, Martin (CZE)100,00%1353,6714
2. Havlicek, Miroslav (CZE)89,89%1216,8508
3. Pijácek, Petr 89,21%1207,5429

Standard Division:

1. Jamie Diaz, J.C. (ESP)100,00%1297,2099
2. Jensen, Ralf K. (DEN)96,62%1253,3317
3. Batki, György (HUN)93,25%1209,5952

All results of the match are available at: