GecoHandgun ammunition

The range of GECO handgun cartridges has been continuously expanded and consistently geared to the needs of users of handguns.

GECO pistol cartridges

GECO pistol cartridges

In recent years, the GECO pistol cartridge assortment has been customized to the demands of our customers and extensively enlarged. Currently, GECO is offering 17 loads with cartridges in nine different calibres. These cover all relevant fields of application like precision shooting, dynamic sport disciplines, hunting, protection and self-defence.

GECO Revolver Cartridges

GECO Revolver Cartridges

The GECO revolver cartridge assortment has been continuously further developed. Now, the four most popular calibres are in the portfolio and can be chosen by our customers in ten different loads. Even in the revolver section all fields of application can be covered with GECO cartridges.

GECO Hollow Point (revolver cartridge)

The Hollow Point (HP) bullet is the perfect choice when you require absolute accuracy. The bullet is available for both pistols and revolvers. As revolver cartridge, the Hollow Point is available in 2 loads: .357 Magnum and .38 Special.

By the hollow point the bullet has an impacted center of gravity which gives an advantage in precision.




.357 Magnum

GECO .357 Magnum Hollow Point 158 gr

Art. Nr : 204340050

  • Static shooting

    Static shooting

    For static shooting disciplines, accuracy is, above all, the decisive factor. In order to be able to keep up with the continual increase in standards, it is vital to use theright ammunition. In this sport, GECO hollow-pointbullets, which have a center of gravity that has beenshifted well to the rear, provide outstanding externalballistics and thus the best preconditions for first-classaccuracy. 

    In order to keep down costs for intensive training you can use the favorably priced FMJ bullets.

  • Hunting


    Geco has made further improvements to its range of hunting cartridges. For hunting dens and traps, Full Metal Jacked bullets are appropriate, due to its pelt reserving properties. When hunting larger game, large-caliber handguns provide the required terminal ballistics for the coup de grace. The hollow-point bullets used for this purpose deliver high energy to the target and minimized the hazard from exiting bullets and ricochets.

  • Self-defense


    The requirements for modern self-defense ammunition are becoming even more complex. Good deformation capacibility is needed, but combined with deep penetration of the target and high residual mass. Geso fulfills such high demands by using a new series of hollow-point bullets.


0yds 10yds 25yds 50yds
ydsV [ft/s] 01296 101254 251196 501122


0 yds 10 yds 25 yds 50 yds
ydsE [ft.lbs] 0587 10550 25503 50442
Inhalt Einzelverpackung 50 St.
Lauflänge 150 mm