GecoHandgun ammunition

The range of GECO handgun cartridges has been continuously expanded and consistently geared to the needs of users of handguns.

GECO pistol cartridges

GECO pistol cartridges

In recent years, the GECO pistol cartridge assortment has been customized to the demands of our customers and extensively enlarged. Currently, GECO is offering 17 loads with cartridges in nine different calibres. These cover all relevant fields of application like precision shooting, dynamic sport disciplines, hunting, protection and self-defence.

GECO Revolver Cartridges

GECO Revolver Cartridges

The GECO revolver cartridge assortment has been continuously further developed. Now, the four most popular calibres are in the portfolio and can be chosen by our customers in ten different loads. Even in the revolver section all fields of application can be covered with GECO cartridges.

GECO HEXAGON (pistol cartridge)

The high performance precision cartridge for the most demanding of sporting applications. On the technical side, the GECO 9 mm HEXAGON is a hollow point cartridge. Unlike ordinary hollow point cartridges, which are designed for deformation and expansion, the HEXAGON is created for optimal accuracy. This development is highly innovative - a combination of German engineering and Swiss precision.

The most important product features:
1) Aerodynamically favourable silhouette for a flatter trajectory
2) 6 stabilisation grooves produce a "golf ball effect"
3) Centre of gravity optimised and moved back for better precision
4) Improved barrel fit due to the long cylindrical shank

GECO HEXAGON pistol cartridges are the ideal addition to Arsenal Firearms Stryk B.



GECO HEXAGON packaging 9 mm
GECO HEXAGON (pistol cartridge)

Construction GECO HEXAGON

  1. Closed base eliminates lead emissions
  2. High-performance propellant for uniform velocity
  3. Precision case with optimised concentriicity
  4. NATO-approved SINTOX primer containing no heavy metals

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