GecoHandgun ammunition

The range of GECO handgun cartridges has been continuously expanded and consistently geared to the needs of users of handguns.

GECO pistol cartridges

GECO pistol cartridges

In recent years, the GECO pistol cartridge assortment has been customized to the demands of our customers and extensively enlarged. Currently, GECO is offering 17 loads with cartridges in nine different calibres. These cover all relevant fields of application like precision shooting, dynamic sport disciplines, hunting, protection and self-defence.

GECO Revolver Cartridges

GECO Revolver Cartridges

The GECO revolver cartridge assortment has been continuously further developed. Now, the four most popular calibres are in the portfolio and can be chosen by our customers in ten different loads. Even in the revolver section all fields of application can be covered with GECO cartridges.


Thanks to its specialized combination of materials and design, this monolithic copper bullet with enclosed hollow point delivers extreme energy transfer. 

The most important product features: 

  1. CONSISTENT: Uniform penetration averages about 28 cm. Very consistent expansion of 23 mm is achieved across the entire velocity spectrum from 329 m/s to 420 m/s.
  2. 4-PETAL STOPPING POWER: Quick expansion with extreme frontal area increase due to the four expanding petals. They guarantee complete energy transfer with well-defined penetration and 100% retained weight.
  3. FUNCTION FIRST: Reliable feeding into the chamber thanks to the round bullet nose. Improved ballistic performance with little velocity loss due to the bullet’s aerodynamic shape. Enclosed bullet construction ensures that material does not plug up the hollow point cavity. This guarantees the retention of the bullet’s expanding properties.
  4. ALL-PURPOSE ROUND: Concealed carry – home defense – personal protection – hunting
  5. FOR ALL BARREL LENGTHS: This new cartridge delivers the same terminal performance regardless whether it is used in full-size, compact or subcompact pistols


  • Hunting
    Geco has made further improvements to its range of hunting cartridges. For hunting dens and traps, Full Metal Jacked bullets are appropriate, due to its pelt reserving properties. When hunting larger game, large-caliber handguns provide the required terminal ballistics for the coup de grace. The hollow-point bullets used for this purpose deliver high energy to the target and minimized the hazard from exiting bullets and ricochets.
  • Self-defense
    The requirements for modern self-defense ammunition are becoming even more complex. Good deformation capacibility is needed, but combined with deep penetration of the target and high residual mass. Geso fulfills such high demands by using a new series of hollow-point bullets.

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