GecoCentrefire rifle cartridges

GECO rifle cartridges are made for the true sportsman. The line stands out by offering optimal choices for everything from target practice to all worldwide hunting applications. GECO rifle cartridges - All you need. A choice between six different GECO bullets allows for the best match of cartridge to target: GECO Plus for large game, GECO Express for long-range shooting, GECO Teilmantel (Soft Point) as a true all-around workhorse, GECO Zero as a lead-free bullet with extreme stopping power and GECO Sport and Target FMJ for match shooting and training.

All GECO rifle cartridges are “Made in Germany”, your assurance that satisfying accuracy and balanced terminal ballistics are just as important to GECO as are innovative products made to the highest quality standards.

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges in caliber .280 Rem.

.280 Rem.

The .280 Rem., which was introduced in 1957, is also known under the name 7 mm Rem. Express. It is pleasant to shoot and with good precision very well suited for light and medium-sized cloven-hoofed game. 

Since 1997, GECO has been producing a 165 gr Softpoint bullet, which has been popular up until today. 



GECO Softpoint