GecoCenterfire rifle cartridges

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges – developed for successful hunting. A range of bullets for training and all types of hunting situations worldwide. GECO centerfire cartridges – ALL YOU NEED.

The GECO range offers five different bullet types to cover every hunting situation. GECO Plus for shooting big game, GECO Express for the long distance shot, GECO Softpoint as the real all-rounder and GECO Target for accurate Training and GECO ZERO as leadfree bullet with extrem stopping effect.

All hunting cartridges are “made in Germany” which means outstanding accuracy and reliable bullet performance. Combine this with high quality components and innovative product solutions and you can see why GECO means quality.

The range has been expanded by two bullets to increase your hunting possibilities.

GECO 9.3x62 Target 255 gr

Item no.: 2315790


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mV [m/s] 0770 50718 100669 150621 200576 250532 300492


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mE [J] 04891 504253 1003692 1503182 2002737 2502335 3001997
BC-Value 0.277
GECO Target bullet and GECO Target FMJ bullet

GECO Target bullet and GECO Target FMJ bullet

Regular training in the field or cinema shooting is essential to hunt successfully and can also be a lot of fun. GECO Target cartridges, delivered in a large and useful pack of 50 cartridges, offer an inexpensive way to achieve this. GECO Target has the same bullet weight and characteristics as GECO Softpoint and GECO Plus which allows for realistic training and improved shooting skills. Two new cartrige loads for the calibre .223 Rem. supplement the GECO Target line and the practical loading strip makes these bullets the preferred choice for use in semi-automatic rifles. In hunting situations the Full Metal Jacket bullet is extremely suitable for use on predatory game and functions well in semi-automatic rifles.

9.3 x 62
GECO Target bullet and GECO Target FMJ bullet


  • Training-GECO
  • Varmint
GECO Target and GECO Target FMJ

Construction GECO Target bullet 

GECO Target products are synonymous with successful training and hunting.

  1. GECO FMJ Tip: For safe use on ranges
  2. GECO Lead Tip: For safe feeding
  3. GECO TS Jacket: For precision and barrel protection 

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges in caliber 9.3x62

9.3 x 62

The 9.3 x 62 was developed around the year 1905 and to date is a popular calibre for hunting Central European large game, in particular moose, red deer and wild boar.  Furthermore, this calibre is very popular for drive hunting.

The GECO loads with a bullet weight of 255 gr are optimally suitable for this type of hunting. The lead-free bullet GECO ZERO is available in a light load with a weight of 184 gr.




GECO Express

GECO Softpoint