Partnership between GECO and AFEMS

AFEMS is the Association of the European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition. It is a non-Profit organisation which was set up in 1951 to continue the work started in 1898 by the International Ammunition Convention. AFEMS is a Europe-wide association. Founded on the principles of cooperation and dialogue, it provides a forum for its network of members, a hub of information on sporting ammunition and a means of responding effectively to technical, scientific and legislative challenges.

AFEMS' membership continues to grow and today includes Members and Affiliates from almost all the European Union countries. It represents a network of manufacturers and distributors of ammunition, components, clay targets and machinery, each boasting vast experience and a long history in the industry and all sharing a common goal: to protect and grow activities related to sporting ammunition.

In a rapidly changing Business environment, AFEMS is best placed to respond to the many challenges that our sector faces. AFEMS is regarded as the sole spokesperson and representative for the entire European ammunition industry. And AFEMS works actively with the European Commission and the European Parliament to influence drafting and implementation of legislation on the production, classification and distribution of related products.

AFEMS is also considered the main hub through which its members can obtain information, exchange views and work together to tackle the technical, scientific and legislative challenges. Strengthening dialogue and cooperation among its members, and representing their interests to the relevant decision-making bodies, are therefore clear priorities for AFEMS.

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