Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO) sold binoculars under the GECO brand as far back as the 1930s. Following this tradition, GECO now provides binoculars and riflescopes in outstanding optical and mechanical quality at extremely fair prices. Designed and coordinated to match the key requirements of hunters, sport shooters and nature enthusiasts, they are catch-all solutions that perfectly reflect the company motto "GECO – ALL YOU NEED".

GECO Riflescopes

GECO Riflescopes

There are three classes of GECO rifle scopes: GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black.  

1. GECO provides the perfect entry point into the high quality target and observation optics segment. The development process zeroed in on technical precision, suitability for hunting, and durability without sacrificing extremely compact and lightweight design. Focused on the essentials, these products are the perfect companion for every hunting situation.  

2. GECO Gold optics are known for their outstanding quality and performance. State-of-the-art coating technologies combined with the use of special types of glass and other high-quality materials define this optics portfolio with its superior performance data. The transmission values, field of vision, edge sharpness, and exit pupils can stand up to any comparison with premium optics.  

3. GECO Black optics build on the extremely high optical and quality standards of GECO Gold likewise offering an unbeatably fair price-performance ratio in this class. These products have been specially developed for sporting and tactical shooting. High zoom factors, ballistic solutions, a reticle in the first focal plane, and a center tube diameter of up to 34 mm define this class of very compact products. All optics have a lens thread and are supplied with a flip cover as standard.

GECO binoculars

GECO binoculars

GECO binoculars (observation optics) are divided up into the GECO and GECO Gold classes.  

All GECO binoculars are designed in matt black and the entire housing is made of magnesium. While GECO binoculars are available in 8x or 10x magnification with 32 mm and 42 mm lens diameters, GECO Gold binoculars are additionally available in 8.5x, 10x and 12.5x magnifications with 50 mm lens diameter.

GECO 3-9x42
Item no. : 2403711

GECO 3-9x42 rifle scope, right-side viewing


Proven for decades, this all rounder is particularly compact and easy-to-handle, and is perfect for stalking and high-seating. The reticle and larger lens diameter make it equally ideal for hunting in twilight.


Product features

Diameter (mm) 25,4
Length (mm) 300
Weight (g) 400
Field ov view (m/100) 15,0-5,5
Reticle PLEX

Outer dimensions

mm A 299,0 B 138,9 C 52,7 D 53,0 E 50,0 F 42,6 G 25,4 H 79,1 I 81,0
inch A 11.77 B 5.47 C 2.07 D 2.09 E 1.97 F 1.68 G 1.00 H 3.11 I 3.19

GECO Riflescopes

GECO optical sights are unique in both the optical and mechanical quality and performance that they offer in this price class.

The riflescopes catch the eye with their slender and extremely compact length and low weight. The excellent optical quality is reflected in the very good fields of view and high transmission values. Large lens diameters ensure sufficient light reserves that extend deep into twilight. The fine, illuminated GECOdot with automatic shutoff (automatic reflex sight) and the integrated target turret (sight tower) GECOtrac are unique features in this class. All products have a 5-year warranty. 

GECO rifle scope with packaging

Product features

  • 5-year guarantee
    5-year guarantee (warranty on electronic components limited to 24 months)
  • aluminium
    Eyecups made from highest-quality aluminium
  • GECObright
    GECObright - maximum transmission in even the most adverse lighting conditions
  • GECOtrac
    GECOtrac - height elevation and target turret in one
  • GECOdot
    GECOdot - minimum target coverage
  • Extended field of view
    Extended field of view for optimum observation
  • Lightweight construction
    Lightweight construction for optimum handling