The GECO CCS RED 28 slugs are available in a handy box of 100 with a carry strap. GECO CCS BLACK 26 have a particularly soft recoil and come with a transparent casing like all COATED COMPETITION SLUGS.

New GECO COATED COMPETITION SLUGS for IPSC Shooters Showcased at the IWA 2019


The IWA – Europe’s lead expo for firearms and ammunition – will take place in Nuremberg from March 8–11,2019.  Here we would like to present our newest products for everyone who was unable to attend the fair. GECO has extended its range for IPSC sport and tactical shooting by adding the COATED COMPETITION SLUG:

Experienced shotgun shooters have sworn by the GECO Coated Competition Slug for some time. This is hardly surprising, since the coated slug, the powder load, speed and bullet weight are all perfectly engineered for dynamic shotgun shooting.

GECO COMPETITION SLUG RED 28 – Optimised for sensitive semiautomatics

Self-loading shotguns feature regularly in dynamic sport shooting. Reason enough for us to develop cartridges that are ideally designed for these sensitive firearms. This cartridge is the GECO COMPETITION SLUG RED 28. It comes with all the properties of the COATED COMPETITION SLUG, while adding the following features:

  • Designed specifically for sensitive semiautomatics
  • Red-coated slug weighing 28 g
  • Red polymer tail
  • V (2.5m) = 420 m/s 

To avoid confusion, the GECO COATED COMPETITION SLUG is now called the GECO COMPETITION SLUG BLACK 26. It catches the eye with the following details:

  • Low muzzle raise
  • Black-coated slug weighing 26 g
  • Black polymer tail
  • V (2.5m) = 450 m/s

Both of these shells are already available from dealers.


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