The new GECO SPORT is a special cartridge for the shooting range The new packaging stabilises the entire box and it makes it much more practical.

GECO new centerfire rifle cartridges at IWA 2018


The IWA OutdoorClassics is considered the most important international trade fair for hunting and sporting arms, ammunition, optics, outdoor equipment and security equipment for over 40 years. Only authorized dealers and visitors have access to the trade fair in Nuremberg/Germany. For this reason, we inform you here exclusively about our new products. This year the focus is on expanding our GECO centerfire rifle cartridge line. In addition, a customer-oriented packaging feature has been implemented for hunting rifle cartridges.

1. GECO SPORT centerfire rifle cartridges - the special cartridge for the shooting range

We are expanding our centerfire rifle cartridge line with the GECO SPORT product series. The new GECO SPORT is a special cartridge for the shooting range and appeals especially to shooters who train regularly and participate in competitions.

Its well-balanced load makes the GECO SPORT particularly pleasant to shoot, reduces the recoil and improves shooting results in practice. The self-developed and high-quality hollow point bullet guarantees excellent precision, even at longer distances. The nickel-plated bullet jacket reduces abrasion in the barrel and ensures a constant muzzle velocity. In addition, this coating minimises the generation of heat in the barrel and the cleaning activities. The packaging unit of 50 cartridges offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio, so that nothing stands in the way of regular training. It should be noted that this cartridge is not suitable for hunting!

The following calibers of GECO SPORT are available in April 2018: 7 x 64, .308 Win., .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., 8 x 57 JS and 9,3 x 62.


2. GECO Target FMJ .308 Win. 9,5 g

The GECO Target FMJ (full metal jacket) product series is being expanded to include the calibre .308 Win.

The GECO Target FMJ is particularly suitable for use with semi-automatic weapons with high rates of fire. The best precision is guaranteed, which is particularly appreciated in IPSC sport shooting. Due to its technically simple construction, the full metal jacket bullet is not expensive to manufacture and therefore appeals to shooters with high training intensities. The Tombak jacket keeps the barrel significantly cleaner, thus reducing cleaning intervals. The user-friendly packaging unit of 50 cartridges also offers excellent value for money.   


3. Optimization of the GECO hunting centerfire rifle cartridge packaging

In the future, each of the well-known 20-piece cartridge boxes will contain a plastic insert that holds the cartridges securely in place, storing them in the best possible conditions. For one thing, the inlay provides the bullet with optimum protection; for another, it stabilises the entire package, making it much more practical. The box and its contents are prevented from being crushed during transport and in a backpack while hunting. The practical inlays can be broken off in groups of five, so the cartridges can be carried in a manageable amount by hunters. The separable folding card still provides the hunter with information on all data relevant for cartridges and bullets, such as the bullet type, ballistic data, weight, calibre, and the recommended use.


More information about the new centerfire rifle cartridges can be found here.