Award ceremony for Distinguished Revolver. From left to right: Roman Hauber, Ralf Vanicek, Roland Miles / Image credits: Jan Klüh (BDMP) Award ceremony for Auto Match. From left to right: Peter Bruce, Ralf Vanicek, Roman Hauber / Image credits: Jan Klüh (BDMP)

Victory at the PPC 1500 World Championships with GECO HEXAGON


The PPC 1500 World Championships took place from August 14-20 in Alsfeld, Germany.  375 marksmen from 15 countries had registered to take part, of which 44 were of the High Master rank. This made these Championships one of the largest PPC 1500 events worldwide, with some of the best competitors in the world. 

In six of the twelve competitions, Ralf Vanicek (Product Manager at GECO) attained a World Championship title, two individual titles, and with his corresponding team partners, all four World Championship team titles. Ralf Vanicek emerged victorious in the Auto Match discipline and placed third in the Distinguished Pistol Match.

The German National Team composed of Roman Hauber and Ralf Vanicek were ranked first in the National Pistol category. Furthermore, the team composed of Frank Kemm and Ralf Vanicek also clinched the title in the Club Team Pistol category.

In all pistol competitions, Ralf Vanicek used the tried and tested GECO 9 mm Luger HEXAGON rounds. His remarkable talents coupled with the high performance of the Hexagon enabled him to prove his impressive skills once again.   

In addition, Vanicek won the individual World Championships title in the Distinguished Revolver category. The team comprising Roman Hauber and Ralf Vanicek won the National Revolver Match and Andreas Geikowski and Ralf Vanicek won the Club Team Revolver category as a duo.

The GECO Team would like to congratulate all the winners on these extraordinary achievements and the numerous World Championship titles.

The result list of the PPC 1500 World Championships.