From August 27 to September 3, the 18th world championship in dynamic handgun shooting will take place in Châteauroux, France. One of the German participants is Sascha Back, a shooter sponsored by GECO. One of the shooters starting for Hungary will be Csaba Szaszi, who is using GECO equipment. The same is true of his compatriot György Batki.

GECO at the 2017 IPSC World Championship in France


From August 27 to September 3, the 18th world championship in dynamic handgun shooting will take place in Châteauroux, France, in accordance with the regulations of global umbrella organization, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

GECO is the official competition ammunition at the IPSC Handgun World Championship in France. The ammunition can already be ordered for each shooter at the 2017 IPSC World Championship website. In addition to ball ammunition in the calibers of 9 mm, .40S&W, .45 Auto, and .38 Super Auto, the GECO Hexagon is also available in 9 mm Luger.

Naturally, GECO will also be a sponsor on site and will be offering suitable consultation and technical services for the participants. Moreover, both spectators and participants will be able to obtain information about the newest GECO products at our booth. While this goes without saying for GECO ammunition, it is also true of our new optics products - such as telescopic sights and binoculars - which are also commercially available as of right now. LINK to GECO OPTICS.

The national shooting sport center of French shooting sport association "Fédération Française de Tir" is located in Loire-Tal, atthe heart of France. In addition to 45 accommodations, administrative buildings, and a shooting sport museum, its 81 hectares boast the following shooting ranges: 60 x 10-meter lines, 60 x 25-meter lines, 80 x 50-meter lines, 2 x 50-meter lines for Running Target, 40 x 100 and 200-meter lines, 80 x 300, 500, and 600-meter lines. The impressive venue is brand new and was built only recently with investments in the millions.

In the handgun disciplines of Open, Standard, Production, Classic, and Revolver, around 30 courses have been set up at the 2017 IPSC World Championship that will need to be mastered by 1,500 of the world's best shooters, with more than 500 shots per starter. Starting among them will also be the following shooters sponsored by GECO: Csaba Szaszi (HU), György Batki (HU), Julien Boit (FR), Luis Ehrhardt (DE), Sascha Back (DE), and Patrick Kummer (DE).

Our colleagues at have already published a preliminary report. During the IPSC World Championship, you will find all results, background reports, and videos from the most important stages there each day. will also be live on site and will be keeping its fans around the world up to speed via Facebook and Instagram as well.

Of course, the latest results and information can also be found on the official page of the IPSC umbrella organization.

For everyone who is not yet very familiar with the topic of IPSC shooting as a discipline, we at GECO have put together an interesting brochure, with which you can learn more about the IPSC rules and other background knowledge on dynamic sport shooting.