Csaba Szaszi (Hungary), Ralf Vanicek (Product Managaer Handgun ammunition GECO), Lars Backes (Technical Service GECO), György Batki (Hungary) GECO Shooters György Batki and Csaba Szaszi (Hungary) GECO Shooter György Batki Shooting Range of the European Handgun Championship 2016 Sascha Back in action GECO Shooter Sascha Back Highly concentrated: GECO Shooter Sascha Back

2016 European Handgun Championship in Hungary


The European Handgun Championship IPSC was held in Felsőtárkány, Hungary under largely adverse weather conditions at the beginning of October. The shooting range is nestled in a valley and its location and size offered excellent possibilities for a European championship. The organizer was successful with the stage design in terms of tactical construction and requisite shooting ability. The only blemish was the weather. Heavy and regrettably persistent rain showers turned the loamy soil into a veritable challenge for all participants, swamping the matches in the true sense of the word. Slippery surfaces are simply not suitable for a dynamic shooting discipline. Despite inclement conditions, more than 1,200 shooters made it to the start and competed for the medals. One thing is clear: all participants proved themselves to be exceptionally weather-resistant.

GECO was back again this year, participating as area sponsor and match ammunition supplier. The ammunition met the starter’s high demands and facilitated the achievement of numerous top positions. The GECO team shooters were once again able to present themselves at their best. Their results are described below:

• Maria Gushchina (Russia): European Champion 1st place Ladies’ Production with GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g FMJ
• Sascha Back (Germany): Vice-European champion Revolver with hand-assembled GECO 9 mm Luger
• Jaime Saldanha Jr. (Brazil): 2nd place Overall Open with GECO .38 Super Auto 8 g FMJ
• Julien Boit (France): 4th place Overall Classic with GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g FMJ
• Gyorgy Batki (Hungary): 7th place Overall Standard with GECO .40 S&W 11.7 g FMJFP
• Csaba Szaszi (Hungary): 44th place Overall Standard with GECO .40 S&W 11.7 g FMJFP

We are proud of our team shooters and would like to congratulate them on their success and state our thanks for the confidence in our ammunition and the support team.

Match website with all results: