GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g FMJ Selection: Precision of 30 mm with shots at 25 meters GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g: kill shot ammo for hunting GECO Lead-Round-Nose (copper-platted) in .40 S&W GECO Lead-Round-Nose (copper-platted) in .45 Auto For training and Fun Shooting: GECO .44 Rem. Mag. 14,9 g Full Metal Jacket Flat-Nose GECO HEXAGON in new calibers

GECO new handgun ammo for IWA 2017


This year the focus of GECO is set on the expansion of our GECO handgun ammo assortment. On our website you'll find all important information:

1. GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g FMJ Special Selection

GECO has listened to the wishes of shooters who have been asking for a more precise and uniform cartridge compared to the standard full metal jacket cartridge. In their opinion, the GECO 9 mm Luger HEXAGON is way too high-class in terms of performance and price. On the basis of the tried-and-tested GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g FMJ, a cartridge has now been successfully developed that exhibits a guaranteed precision of 30 mm with 10 shots at 25 meters during a CIP reference test. The better performance is thanks to increased efforts to ensure measurement accuracy as well as production within a narrow tolerance range.

2. GECO 9 mm Luger 8 g Hollow Point (short barrel)

This cartridge was developed both as kill shot ammunition for hunting as well as for use in self-defense. The GECO 9 mm Luger hollow point cartridge combines excellent target ballistic properties with medium penetration and a low risk of over-penetration. It has been optimized for short-barreled 9 mm Luger pistols. The best results are obtained within a velocity range of 305 m/s and 350 m/s. In this range, penetration depths of 30 cm to 33 cm can be achieved. These results were able to be confirmed multiple times in the covered FBI test. The expansion of the projectile lies within an average range of 15 mm, with nearly 100 percent residual weight. Following customary practice, the smallest sales unit contains 20 cartridges.

3. GECO .40 S&W 10,7 g Lead-Round-Nose copper-platted / GECO .45 Auto 14,9 g Lead-Round-Nose copper-platted

By introducing these two low-emission indoor cartridges, GECO is expanding its product portfolio within this segment. The Lead-Round-Nose is now available in the calibers of 9 mm Luger, 9 x 21, .38 Special, .40 S&W, and .45 Auto.Typical of these cartridges is their use of the low-emission SINTOX primer composition and the fully enclosed projectile. In this way, lead emissions in the vicinity of the shooter were able to be reduced by about 90% compared to cartridges that are open in back and have a conventional primer composition. It is particularly in closed shooting ranges and training that lead emission is a very significant issue.

4. GECO .44 Rem. Magnum 14,9 g Full Metal Jacket Flat-Nose

The new, moderately loaded .44 Rem. Magnum cartridge was developed for the applications of training and recreational shooting. Performance has been reduced by about 30% compared to cartridges in the upper performance range, i.e. those produced at the upper limit of CIP specifications. It is therefore possible to use this cost-effective and more weakly-loaded cartridge to shoot greater quantities when taking an intensive training program or when shooting for pure enjoyment. It achieves the DSB minimum pulse of 450 with most revolvers and is therefore suitable for precision shooting exercises as well.

5. GECO .45 Auto 13 g HEXAGON

The HEXAGON line also has a new addition to the family now with the .45 Auto HEXAGON, which fulfills all the attributes that HEXAGON cartridges are known for. The result is yet another high-precision cartridge for the most demanding sporting needs. The GECO .45 Auto HEXAGON is a hollow point cartridge that is designed for optimum precision, with no heed given to deformation aspects. This is one of the few purebred sports cartridges in this caliber, and it has been fine-tuned for the various precision large-caliber pistol disciplines. The main focus here has been placed on having a pleasant shooting experience, especially for time series shooting. With a bullet weight of 13 g, it easily achieves the minimum pulses and factors for reduced recoil required in some disciplines. Its precision, a maximum of 25 mm with 10 shots at 25 meters, corresponds to that of the other HEXAGON cartridges. Another advantage of the hollow point design is the sealed projectile base, which prevents lead emissions in the vicinity of the shooter when shooting. The NATO-qualified SINTOX primer cap - which practically eliminates all other heavy metals as well from the vicinity of the shooter - is also used. For dynamic shooting sports, where hundredths of a second make all the difference, GECO has created a special cartridge series that fulfils requirements in all areas.