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The new GECO revolver cartridge at the IWA 2016


In addition to new ammunition for IPSC shooters, we will also have a new revolver cartridge on display at the IWA 2016. The GECO .38 Special lead round nose, copper plated. Find out everything about this cartridge right here.

Two things are especially important to us when designing all of the cartridges we develop specifically for use at indoor shooting ranges: 1. Reducing the exposure of the shooter and range supervision to heavy metal emissions and 2. Minimizing wear and tear on the backstop. We have also kept this in mind in the development of our new GECO .38 Special revolver cartridge, which is now available for purchase.

The cartridge family centered around the copper plated lead round nose grows with each new development. This bullet is already available for the following pistol loads: 9mm Luger 8.0 g and 9x21 with a weight of 8.0 g. Both cartridges are also fitted with non-polluting Sintox primers. 

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