2013 IPSC Championship in Barcelos - GECO is the official match ammunition


GECO is the official match ammunition at the European Handgun Championship in IPSC from 5- 09.14.2013 in Barcelos (Portugal). The short-range weapons were designed specifically for the IPSC shooters.

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New GECO Products at the IWA 2013


This year at the IWA, GECO will once again demonstrate the advanced rifle cartridges segment with two additional bullets: GECO Plus and GECO Express. GECO Plus is a bonded, staable-mass bullet which was specially developed for large game. GECO Express has a new, stream-lined shaped bullet with a...

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Bianchi Cup in Philippsburg/Baden – Look-back at the WC


Many successful action-shooters gathered from the 12th to 16th of September 2012 at the shooting facility in Philippsburg. This was the 8th Bianchi World Championship – the most renowned championship of international shooters – under the aegis of the NRA (National Rifle Association). This competition was organized by the German Federal Army and Police Guards (BDMP).

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New web portal for shooters and hunters


Be a shooter! Arms, Ammunitions, Technics, Passion

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GECO sponsors the Extreme Euro Open this year


From 7 - 9/6/2012 GECO was represented the Extreme Euro Open in Tschechien. GECO was the official ammunition supplier and one of the main sponsors.

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GECO the Sponsor for the German Open PPC 1500


GECO was one of the main sponsors of the German Open PPC 1500 this year from 7 – 10/6/2012 in Alsfeld, Hessen and supported the event with a great number of prizes.

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GECO engagement for 13th Walther P99 / PPQ Cup


GECO supported this year’s 13th Walther P99 / PPQ Cup on September 19th with GECO handgun ammunition, offered exclusively for the Cup

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GECO test range at World Shoot XVI in Rhodes


As the official ammunition sponsor GECO was also represented with a test shooting range.

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Professional appearance of the GECO brand at the IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes


The IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes has shown that the GECO brand has established itself in the IPSC sport

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Tino Schmidt: The best German Production Shooter at the World Shoot 2011


At the World Shoot 2011 in Rhodes Tino Schmidt finalized as the best German shooter in Production class

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GECO team leader reached 5th Place at the World Shoot XVI in Rhodes


Congratulations to Gyorgy Batki! At the World Shoot XVI in Rhodes GECO-Team shooter Gyorgy Batki (HUN) reached a respectful 5th place.

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