GECO: The official match ammunition at the IPSC World Shoot 2011


The following calibers will be available for sale at the range:

9mm Luger FMJ 124gr
9mm Luger Capsuled-FMJ 139gr Super Clean
.38 Super Auto FMJ 124gr
.40 S&W FMJ 180gr
.45 ACP FMJ 230gr

You can get more information about prices and pre-orders at:

Please take under consideration that you are not allowed to take more than 5kg of ammunition on the plane, when flying into Greece. Moreover you have to go through the long and complicated application process for the important licence. Therefore it is most recommended to buy the ammunition for this match on the range.

The official match ammunition from GECO is supplied by the organiser of the World Shoot, therefore it is deemed to make major or minor irrespective of the power factor that is recorded with the chronograph.

So every competitor who is using GECO official match ammunition with the “IPSC” on the box will not need to worry about the power factor in their pistol or revolver.
The primer ignition and functional reliability will be of more importance to the shooter. The GECO match ammunition has been tested by the Practical Hand Gun Magazine. From the testing that the magazine carried out, primer ignition and functional reliability was 100% in all the calibres tested.

Read more about the test below:

GECO is sponsoring the IPSC World Shoot 2011

During the 1st and the 9th of October 2011 the world’s best IPSC shooters will compete in Rhodes/Greece. The IPSC World Shoot which takes place every three year only will be a competition for 1.400 shooters at 36 different stages. GECO now offers a new range of cartridges, which was especially specified for IPSC shooters. In addition of being official match ammunition supplier for the World Shoot 2011, GECO is also sponsoring this international event. At the GECO-area there is even a GECO test-stage, where the shooters can try the ammunition.