GECO Glossary

Free pistol

All pistols and revolvers of calibre 5.6 mm (.22 l.r.), multiloaders may only be used as single loaders.
The grip of whatsoever shape, custom-made to the shooter’s hand, may only embrace his hand up to the carpus.
The grip may not have any extension, which protrudes beyond the wrist and thus could serve as a rest.

Ammunition: customary rimfire cartridges in calibre 5.6 mm (.22 l.r.)

Targets: Width of ring 10 = 50 mm, of rings 1 – 9 = 25 mm

Distance: 50 m

Aiming position: standing, freehanded position

Programme: 60 shots in 120 minutes or 40 shots in 90 minutes including trial shots

Source: German Shooting Federation

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