GECO Glossary

300 m large-calibre rifle (standard rifle)

Weapon: permitted are large-calibre rifles (multiloaders are only allowed to be used as single loaders) up to a calibre of 8 mm, the rifle weight including sighting device and hand stop may not exceed 5.5 kg.
Minimum trigger pull 1.5 kg, set triggers and rear set triggers are not allowed.

Ammunition, targets, distance, and aiming positions: like large-calibre free rifle

Programme: Three positions 60 shots, of these 20 shots prone, 20 shots standing and 20 shots kneeling within a total shooting period of 150 minutes, including trial shots, with electronic visual display 135 minutes (see rule 1.50 of the sport regulations), women shoot the same programme with a free rifle of 6.5 kg without trigger restriction.

In addition to the discipline 300 m large-calibre rifle (standard rifle), there is also the discipline 300 m large-calibre rifle (free rifle).

Source: German Shooting Federation

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