GECO Glossary

25 m sport pistol

Weapon: permitted are self-loading pistols with a maximum weight of 1400 g, which correspond to the safety regulations; the weapon must have the correct dimensions, so that it can be put into a test box with the internal clear space dimensions of 300 mm x 150 mm x 50 mm, trigger pull 1000 g.

Ammunition: customary rimfire cartridges in calibre 5.6 mm (.22 l.r.)

Targets: regarding the conditions of precision, the target is like in the competition 50 m free pistol, for duel like in the competition Olympic 25 m rapid-fire pistol

Distance: 25 m

Aiming Position: standing, freehanded position, duel (ready position*)

Programmes: The competition programme consists of one round each in precision and duel shooting with 30 shots each.
a) Precision shooting: six series with five shots each in five minutes
b) Duel shooting: for every one of the six series with five shots each, the targets are turned towards the shooter five times for three seconds each and turned away from him for seven seconds each.

With every turn towards the shooter, it is allowed to only fire one shot. The shooting time is counted from the moment of turning the target towards until the moment of turning the target away from the shooter.

*Ready position: Ready position for the competitions Olympic rapid-fire pistol, sport pistol duel /centrefire duel and standard pistol (20 and 10 seconds). The shooter lowers their arm at minimum 45 degrees out of the horizontal line.
In this position, the shooter waits for the target/targets to be turned towards them or for the signal to fire, without bending or moving their arm. At the moment, where the target starts to turn, the shooter may move their pistol.

Source: German Shooting Federation

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