GECO Glossary

10 m air rifle

Weapon: Air rifles (to these are also counted compressed air rifles, which use cold gases for the propulsion) in calibre 4.5 mm and a maximum weight of 5.5 kg, a maximum muzzle energy of 7.5 joules.

Ammunition: customary bullets (diabolo pellets) in calibre 4.5 mm maximum

Targets: Diameter of the 10 = 0.5 mm, ring distance = 2.5 mm each

Distance: 10 m

Aiming position: standing, freehanded position, whereas the shooter must stand completely free (without armrest or any other artificial rest)

a) Standing: 20 shots in 40 minutes, 40 shots in 75 minutes, 60 shots in 105 minutes, including trial shots (rule 1.10 of the sport regulations)
b) Three positions: for students 30 shots in 75 minutes and for youth 60 shots in 120 minutes, prone, standing and kneeling (rule 1.20 of the sport regulations)

Comment: Internationally, men shoot 60 shots and women 40 shots.

10 m air rifle bench rest
For the seniors’ class (from 56 years of age), divided up in the groups A, B and C, a bench rest discipline is offered; weapons, ammunition, targets and distance are the same as with 10 m air rifle (see rule 9 of the sport regulations).

Source: German Shooting Federation

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