GecoCenterfire rifle cartridges

GECO centerfire rifle cartridges – developed for successful hunting. A range of bullets for training and all types of hunting situations worldwide. GECO centerfire cartridges – ALL YOU NEED.

A choice between six different GECO bullets allows for the best match of cartridge to target: GECO Plus for large game, GECO Express for long-range shooting, GECO Zero as a lead-free bullet with extreme stopping power, GECO Teilmantel (Soft Point) as a true all-around workhorse and GECO Sport and Target FMJ for match shooting and training.

All hunting cartridges are “made in Germany” which means outstanding accuracy and reliable bullet performance. Combine this with high quality components and innovative product solutions and you can see why GECO means quality.

The range has been expanded by two bullets to increase your hunting possibilities.

GECO 7x57R ZERO 127 gr

Item no.: 2318818


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mV [m/s] 0820 50766 100714 150664 200616 250571 300527


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mE [J] 02757 502406 1002090 1501808 2001556 2501337 3001139
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m -0.4 100m 150m -4.4 200m -14.4 250m -30.9 300m -55
MRD 163m 50m 1.6 100m 4 150m 1.6 200m -6.4 250m -20.9 300m -42.9
BC-Value 0.274
GECO ZERO bullet

GECO ZERO bullet

GECO ZERO is GECO’s newest development. It distinguishes itself with premium accuracy and outstanding stopping power – and is completely lead-free! This highly innovative jacketed bullet has two tin cores. Assisted by the hollow-point design, the pre-fragmented front core disintegrates instantly upon contact with the targeted animal and releases a large portion of its energy to quickly bring it down. Together with the jacket, the rear core remains a stable slug to penetrate and provide a certain exit wound. This makes GECO ZERO an excellent choice especially on light to medium game.

7 x 57 R
GECO ZERO bullet


  • Light game
    Light game
  • Medium game
    Medium game
  • Heavy game
    Heavy game

Construction GECO ZERO bullet

GECO ZERO: Lead-free bullet with great accuracy and terminal effect – for all game.

  1. GECO Performance Point: for accuracy and certain expansion  
  2. Pre-fragmented tin front core: for reliable performance and solid stopping power
  3. Rear cannelure: for high weight retention and a certain exit wound 



GECO centerfire rifle cartridges in caliber 7x57 R

7 x 57 R

The rimmed version of the 7 x 57, which was introduced in 1893, was developed for combination hunting rifles. 
The hunting use has always had priority here – although the calibre has lost its importance for shooting with modern weapons today. With the 165 gr Softpoint bullet GECO is offering a standard load, which meets all requirements. With well-aimed hits, the effectiveness is immaculate. Therefore, the GECO ZERO (lead-free) with a weight of 127 gr is available in this calibre.




GECO Softpoint