The new red dot sight Red Dot Gen II catches the eye with its waterproof casing and 11 different settings for the 2 MOA red dot. The 10x50 RF binoculars have a lightweight and robust casing, combined with a laser rangefinder for up to 1.600 m.



Based on the high quality and tradition of the binoculars from Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO) that have been on the market since the thirties, GECO has offered rifle scopes and binoculars of the highest optical and mechanical quality at a uniquely fair price since the IWA 2017. Focused on and designed for the fundamental demands of hunters, sports shooters and nature lovers, the products have a universal range of use and are true to our motto: “GECO – ALL YOU NEED.”

Due to the great success of the new GECO Optics product line, we have begun expanding this segment to reflect individual and needs-based customer demand. The result is a uniquely broad portfolio of optical products. In order to optimally and transparently cover all the demands of hunting and sports shooting, a range expansion is planned for 2019 in two of the three lines. We are presenting the Red Dot 1x20 Gen II for hunters and sports shooters as a new addition in the segment of red dot sights. The 10x50 RF will also be launched as an optoelectric device with an integrated rangefinder to complement the binoculars portfolio.

GECO Red Dot 1x20 Gen II – New red dot sights for hunting and sports shooting

The waterproof casing on the GECO Red Dot 1x20 Gen II makes it the ideal, reliable companion for drive hunts. The device is supplied with transparent flip-up covers, which always ensures a clear view when in action. The 2 MOA red dot comes with 11 different settings to enable rapid target acquisition, even when the light is poor. The battery has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours thanks to its use of modern low-energy technology. The integrated weaver fitting means that the sight can be mounted quickly and securely. 

GECO 10x50 RF – Binoculars with laser viewfinder

The GECO RF is remarkable not just because of its outstanding optics, but also because of its reliable and precise range-finding with rock-solid ballistics. The magnesium casing and the high-quality aluminium eye cups make the binoculars very robust, and as such the ideal companion for nature-lovers. Top-of-the-range optics combined with cutting-edge laser technology at an affordable price. The GECO 10x50 RF has a magnesium casing that is combined with robust and shock-resistant rubber reinforcement to ensure optimal protection of the sensitive parts such as the optics, electronics and moveable mechanical systems.

Its high-quality HD optics combined with state-of-the-art multicoating enable truly outstanding transmission, field of view, peripheral sharpness and colour-rendering. The range of any targets located within a distance of 10 m to 1,600 m can be calculated easily and reliably at the push of a button. Moreover, the GECO 10x50 RF offers additional measuring options such as angle of inclination and temperature. The built-in compass provides orientation when out in the field.


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