The GECO ACTION EXTREME has a full copper hollow point bullet with extended tip. The special combination of material design and engineering enables outstanding energy transfer. The GECO HEXAGON match cartridge will be released in the calibre .44 Rem. Mag. with a bullet weight of 19.4 g in August 2019. The new Small Rifle and Small Pistol percussion caps are sold in a box of 250 that caters to the needs of hand loaders. The new Small Rifle and Small Pistol percussion caps are sold in a box of 250 that caters to the needs of hand loaders.

GECO showcases new handgun cartridges at the IWA 2019


The IWA has been one of the most important expos for sports and hunting firearms, ammunition, optics and accessories for over four decades. Sadly, consumers are not admitted to the event, as it is only for members of the profession. But to make sure you don't miss anything, we will be presenting our latest news from the tradeshow right here. This year we will be introducing the GECO ACTION EXTREME for the finishing shot and self defence, as well as the extended range of high-accuracy cartridges in the GECO HEXAGON series. What's more, we will use the Nuremberg expo to show you our upgraded portfolio of percussion caps for pistols and rifles.

GECO ACTION EXTREME – handgun ammunition with unparalleled stopping power

The new handgun cartridge in the GECO portfolio satisfies all requirements and standards expected of modern ammunition for hunting and self defence: outstanding expansion, powerful penetration and high residual mass. In other words, the ACTION EXTREME is a dependable companion for hunting and self-defence scenarios. 
GECO’s ACTION EXTREME is a 9 mm projectile with controlled expansion and excellent penetration capability. The energy is transferred completely to the target and therefore guarantees superb stopping power. Our ACTION EXTREME is very versatile as well: The cartridge is compatible with pistol-calibre carbines, as well as with full-size and even concealed carry handguns.Users can depend on the new ACTION EXTREME as a reliable companion for self defence.

GECO ACTION EXTREME – the most important properties at a glance:

  • Reliability: Uniform penetration, around 28 cm on average. Extremely even expansion to 23 mm thanks to the full velocity range of 329 to 420 m/s.
  • 4 ‘skives’ for great stopping power: Rapid mushrooming with extreme expansion of the front section thanks to the four ‘skives’. They ensure complete energy transfer with a cleanly defined wound channel and 100% residual mass.
  • Prioritising function: Reliable chambering thanks to the rounded bullet tip. Improved ballistic performance and aerodynamic projectile shape for low velocity loss. The sealed structure keeps material out of the hollow point. This ensures that the bullet preserves its expansion capabilities.
  • All-purpose ammunition for the areas: Hunting – home defence – self defence
  • Fits all barrel lengths: The cartridge always delivers the same performance at the target – whether it’s shot from a full size, a compact pistol or a concealed carry handgun.

The GECO ACTION EXTREME is available in the calibre 9 mm Luger with a bullet weight of 7.0 g.

GECO HEXAGON – the high-performance match round

HEXAGON is widely seen as the ammunition of choice in areas of sports shooting that demand maximum accuracy. And there’s good news for revolver shooters who prefer to fire larger calibres:  The popular match cartridge will be released in the calibre .44 Rem. Mag. in August 2019.

The GECO .44 Rem. Magnum round will reportedly satisfy all of the specs that made the HEXAGON cartridges such a popular choice. But it is still a high-performance precision cartridge for all sporting requirements. Built around the hollow point design, the HEXAGON bullet was crafted for absolute accuracy. The expansion properties are not important here. HEXAGON is one of the few purebred sports ammos in calibre .44 Rem. Magnum and is perfectly engineered for the various revolver disciplines in the area of centrefire accuracy. It was designed specifically for a pleasing shooting experience, especially for time series competitions. This was achieved above all due to the ultra-heavy bullet weight of 300 gr/19.4 g, combined with a matching propellant powder. This means that the minimum impulse ratios or factors that are required in certain disciplines can be achieved easily and with reduced recoil.

At no more than 25 mm deviation for 10 rounds at 25 m, the accuracy is also equal to the other HEXAGON cartridges. The closed projectile base is another benefit of the hollow point engineering. This cuts lead emissions in the immediate proximity of the shooter during discharge.

The most important properties of the GECO HEXAGON:

  • Enhanced aerodynamics for a flat trajectory
  • 6 stabilisation grooves for a golf ball effect
  • Optimised centre of gravity: Moved back for greater accuracy
  • Improved barrel guidance thanks to the long, cylindrical projectile section

The GECO HEXAGON revolver cartridge .44 Rem. Mag. will be available from August 2019.

GECO percussion caps – more choice for hand loaders

Sports shooters and hunters have enjoyed GECO’s hand loading components for decades, and they are widely considered a benchmark for professional quality. Two boxer primers have now been included in the GECO portfolio to continue rounding off the programme. The GECO Small Rifle and the GECO Small Pistol percussion caps are highly evolved primers offering perfect value for money. What’s more, the GECO Small Rifle and GECO Small Pistol percussion caps are easily fitted and catch the eye with their outstanding responsiveness. They are both available in handy boxes of 250 that cater specifically to the needs of hand loaders.

The GECO Small Pistol percussion caps have a diameter of 4.45 mm and are compatible with the following calibres:

  • 6.35 Browning
  • 7.65 Browning
  • 9 mm Luger
  • 9 x 21
  • .32 S&W long
  • .38 Special, Special WC and Super Auto
  • .40 S&W
  • .357 Mag

The Small Rifle percussion caps GECO also have a diameter of 4.45 mm and are suitable hand loading components for the calibres:

  • .22 Hornet
  • .222 Rem.
  • 5.6 x 50
  • 5.6 x 50 R
  • .30 Carbine
  • .223


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