GecoSuper Matrix

The entire line of GECO Super Matrix for pistols, shotguns and rifles, retains the same point of impact, along with the same perceived recoil and muzzle flash as standard duty rounds. 

Shooters who use GECO Super Matrix will find unparalleled performance in terms of recoil, gun function and on target performance.

Home on the range

The safest frangible ammunition available is also the most range and Environment friendly. By micro-pulverizing into a fine powder upon impact, GECO Super Matrix fangible bullets, buckshot, and slugs will not harm steel Targets or other valuable range Equipment. By eliminating back splatter, 100% bullet Containment in indoor ranges is guaranteed.

SINTOX lead-free boxer primer

Minimizing or eliminating light strikes or misfires is just one of the Advantages of our SINTOX lead-free boxer primers. Used exclusively on GECO Super Matrix for rifles and handguns, SINTOX primers are the only lead-free primers used in NATO qualified ammunition. SINTOX primers perform under adverse conditions, low temperatures, and after Long periods of storage. The GECO Super Matrix is available for pistol, shotgun and rifle.