GECO represents a modern range of ammunition for all hunting and sporting applications. Over a century of experience in development and production goes into every cartridge. That is why active hunters and target shooters can find high-quality products from GECO, with an attractive price-performance ratio. And since Geco cartridges meet all the demands made on modern ammunition, you can understand why our new slogan says: GECO - ALL YOU NEED!

History of GECO

25th August 1887 Formation of the company Gustav Genschow & Co as a weapons and ammunition wholesaler by the founder of the same name Mr. Gustav Genschow from Stralsund

1899 acquirement of the "Badische Schrot- und Gewehrpropfenfabrik Durlach"

and 1903 of the "Durlacher Zundhütchen- und Patronenfabrik".

1906 Formation of the first branch office in Cologne on the Rhine

1912 Formation of a special subsidiary company in Vienna for the export business dealings to Austria-Hungary and the Balkan states

1921 Formation of the branch office Königsberg in Preußen and reconstruction of the sales department in Frankfurt am Main and Nuremberg

1924 Achistion of "Deutsche Werke AG". From that time on manufacturing of outstanding small caliber rifles. International sales boomed among other places in South America. Genschow pistol cartridges were used by the police in almost all South American countries.

1927/28 Conclusion of a community of interest contract with the RWS or rather the Dynamit Aktiengesellschaft (Dynamit Limited Company) of Alfred Nobel & Co., the biggest ammunition factory in Nuremburg. Manufacture of pistols and small-shot cartridges for both companies in the Durlach factory, Manufacture of rimfire and Flobert cartridges, revolver cartridges, metal sleeves, percussion caps and air gun pellets in the factories in Stadeln and Nuremburg.

1940 Death of the compay founder Gustav Genschow

1952 Resumption of manufacturing of hunting and sport ammunition (air gun pellets, shot shells, 1957 pistol/revolver)

1963 Passing over of all the factory buildings of Genschow & Co. Aktiengesellschaft (Limited Company) to the possession of the explosive and ammunition factory of Dynamit Nobel Aktiengesellschaft

1966/67 Consolidation of the brands GECO, Rottweil and RWS under the umbrella of Dynamit Nobel

1972 Relocation of Durlach to Stadeln

2002 Acquisition of the Dynamit Nobel AG by the Swiss tech company RUAG

At Present: GECO incoporates a wide range of products which includes pistol/revolver ammunition, air gun pellets, small caliber ammunition, shotshells, rifle cartridges and has recently introduced explosive cartridges and blank cartridges.